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JustSpeed Retrofit

YASKAWA Drive Retrofit

Yaskawa JustSpeed Series AC Drives were widely used in a number of CNC machines. At the time, these drives offered advanced functionality while maintaining small footprint, which many machine OEMs considered as an advantage. Yaskawa discontinued manufacture of JustSpeed drives in early 1900-s, yet there are still many of them hard at work in legacy machines.


To optimize maintenance costs, IcarTeam dealers request our R&D team to develop a retrofit solution in order to replace the legacy drive with a more modern alternative. The challenge was not only in the software customization, but also in finding a replacement drive that would have a footprint equal or less than that of JustSpeed drives.


Our engineering team identified a perfect replacement: Yaskawa V1000 series drives. After further research and software adjustments, we have developed the solution. Now, IcarTeam dealers along with the repairs of the aging JustSpeed drives, can offer to retrofit customers’ machines with a newer and more capable drive.

  • Date 03/06/2016
  • Tags Retrofits

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