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okuma test stands

OKUMA Test Stands

Similar to the Fanuc Test Stands project (linked below), IcarTeam engineering team developed series of the OKUMA machine test stands to enhance the testing accuracy of our Repair Depot teams.

Just as in case with Fanuc machines, OKUMA is also actively using fiber-optic communication buses to interconnect machine components. This means there is hardly a possibility to test an OKUMA machine component separately without connecting it to a complete system machine simulator. Same machine simulators are also used to troubleshoot the problems before repairs. We bought several OKUMA machines, such as LNC-10 for example, and on the basis of these machines built series of test stands that are capable or reproducing real-life OKUMA machine loads and parameters.

At this point we have the capability to completely test all major OKUMA machine components, including single and double axis servo and spindle drives, servo motors, CNC rack components, power supplies, control and IO boards, and so on. We fully support BL-A, BL-D, BL-II, BL-IV, VAC II, VAC III, VAC IV series, and a variety of popular OKUMA controls (OSP700, OSP-U10M, etc).

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  • Date 04/28/2016
  • Tags Test Stands

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