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Icarus Knowledge Database

Developed for use by IcarTeam Dealers, as well as IcarTeam’s own repair and engineering departments, Icarus is a Knowledge Database designed to manage product and customer related information.

Icarus is a suite of applications including a product database, document management, customer and order management tools.

Ease of use, mobility and rich functionality are key to how Icarus increases productivity of IcarTeam dealers. They use Icarus to access valuable technical data, generate quotations and orders, track orders, thus allowing themselves to focus on delivery of fast and quality service to end users. Icarus goes beyond being a Product database by integrating interactive product documentation, alert codes troubleshooting, machine parameters storage and more.

To find out more about Icarus, … you have to become a dealer. If you are interested, please let us know.

  • Date 09/07/2014
  • Tags Software