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USB retrofit

Floppy Drive to USB Retrofit

Floppy drives were extinct for decades now from both consumer and industrial markets. Yet, there are still plenty of older machines that are using that outdated data input interface. Are you still stocking up on those old floppy discs? What if you could toss them out and replace them with a USB drive?

And this is exactly what we did. We have heard from IcarTeam dealers time and time again about customers looking for a solution to leave the floppy discs in the past, where they belong. The obvious replacement technology, ubiquitous and inexpensive, was the omnipresent USB interface. Transition to USB brings forth many advantages, including data safety, mobility, lower maintenance costs.

We have identified two machine brands, HAAS and OKUMA, whose long discontinued but yet still actively utilized machines still operated floppy drives. The major challenge was building a modern interface to those older machines. Once that milestone was reached, finding an appropriate hardware OEM was just a matter of a brief research.

We are happy that our dealers and their customers are no longer searching on ebay for those old floppy discs. USB is the interface king now.

  • Date 04/05/2015
  • Tags Retrofits

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