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fanuc test stands

FANUC Test Stands

To ensure quality of the Fanuc machine component repairs we perform for our dealers, we needed to develop a series of test stands.

IcarTeam Engineering team has extensive expertise building machine simulators. The challenge with building the Fanuc machine simulators was that like in most complex equipment, all major machine components are communicating using a fiber-optic communication bus, which eliminates a possibility of simple electrical plug-and-play setups.

A comprehensive research into the communication protocols and related software was done to create our test stand schematics. We purchased used Fanuc machines, took the integrated electronics and motors apart, then rebuilt them into the series of stands that are designed to test specific Fanuc product line series.

For more information about the supported Fanuc controls and machine series, please direct your inquiry to

  • Date 10/12/2015
  • Tags Test Stands

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