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centroid retrofit

Centroid Training Simulator

Centroid Corporation is a well-known maker of machine retrofits that bring aging machines to the modern world. Centroid Corporation has requested IcarTeam to develop a simulator of their typical retrofit kit.

Challenge: Our goal was to integrate all the functionality of a typical Centroid retrofit kit into a small, portable demo installation that could be used for sales or training purposes.

Our Solution: We identified compact yet capable components for the demo setup, developed a new support frame, electrical circuits, and custom software to interlink the components into a single working machine simulator.

Currently, similar Machine retrofit simulators are planned to be used by IcarTeam for the “Machine Upgrades & Retrofits” training classes.

Please contact us for details about this machine simulator project, its implications and practical use.

  • Client Centroid Corporation
  • Date 09/06/2016
  • Tags Retrofits, Simulators, Training Aids

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